Community Music Article

Yesterday I collected a heap of ‘snail mail’ from my pigeon hole in the Music Department at Sheffield University. Amongst the usual brown envelopes was my copy of a journal for which I wrote an article a while ago. This was a lovely surprise, as it always feels very special to receive a printed version of my own work, even when it has already been published online.

This article explores some of the social and musical interactions in amateur choirs; the impact that singers can have upon each others’ learning and performance; and the ways in which, through taking account of these interactions, choir leaders can help to optimise the singers’ confidence, enjoyment and performance quality.

Here is the reference for the article:

Bonshor, M. (2016). Sharing knowledge and power in adult amateur choral communities: The impact of communal learning on the experience of musical participation. International Journal of Community Music9(3), 291-305.

The full online version of the article is available here.